Tel. (740) 644-8162  I  Rhoskinson@Schoedinger.com


Al Walbrun (AB)
Robin Austin (AB)
Debbie Lopeman (AB)
Kim Chenault (AB)
Jamie Christian (AB)
Nikki Crandall-Seibert (AB)


Ellen Crockett (AB)
Edith-Mary Smith (AB)
Vickie Fisher (AB)
Sandi Mattingly (AB)
Chris Unangst (AB)
Kim Tomlin (AB)

Marilyne Gregg (AB)
Linda Jean Grillo (AB)
Kay DeVilbiss (AB)
Harley DeVilbiss (AB)
Kim Tomlin (AB)
Sharon Kalani (AB)


*All exhibitors must complete a SUMMARY SHEET

*Enter via TICA TOES
*If you have not used TOES before, here are two useful tools for creating an account and entering your cats in a show:




*Friday: 12:30 - 1:30 PM
*Saturday from 7:30-8:30 AM

Show Hours:
*Friday: 2 PM - 8 PM
*Saturday/Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM


Show Hours & Check-In


Helmi Banner 2016.jpg
Roberts Centre - Holiday Inn
123 Gano Road
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

The Roberts Centre is attached to the Holiday Inn. This hotel will fill quickly (there is also a specialty dog show this same weekend).

Holiday Inn - Roberts Centre


Alternate Hotels

*These are unofficial show hotels, no room blocks or rates.

Royalton Inn and Suites

201 Carrie Dr, Wilmington, OH, 45177

Room rates start at $85.00

Holiday Inn Express

155 Holiday Dr, Wilmington, OH, 45177

Room rates start at $95


Hampton Inn

201 Holiday Dr
Wilmington, OH, 45177

Room rates start at $107



Wilmington, Ohio, is centrally located between three major cities: Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. Airport transportation for exhibitors is NOT provided by the club.


Payment for Early Bird due by June 25 or your total due will revert to regular rate pricing.






  • Checks, payable to Showcats Columbus and send to Liz Hansen 4899 Squaw Valley Dr, Caledonia, IL 61011

  • Cash at the door at check-in with approval in advance (contact entry clerk)


Show Manager: Rick Hoskinson .740.644.8162 (no calls before 9 AM EST or after 9 PM EST) Rhoskinson@Schoedinger.com

Entry Clerk: Liz Hansen 636.734.9233 (no calls before 9 AM CST or after 9 PM CST) drlizentryclerk@gmail.com

Banquet: On Saturday night, August 11, we will be celebrating the 2017-2018 Great Lakes award winners with a dinner and awards banquet. Reservations required.  Full details on this page.
Banquet Coordinator: Ginger Gunlock Wgunlock@aol.com

Best of the Best: Thanks to Royal Canin’s generous sponsorship, we will be doing a best of the best, with awards, at the end of the show on Sunday.


Supplies: Litter will be provided in show hall. Bring your own benching cage, cat food, litter pans, food/water bowls.


This is a Non-Vetted show. All entries are to be free from contagious disease, and ALL Vaccinations must be up to date. Any entry showing signs of contagious illness, parasites, fungus or cats from homes exhibiting any signs of infectious or contagious disease in the prior 21 days are ineligible for entry or competition. Cats which are pregnant or lactating will be disqualified. Cats may NOT be kept in the show hall overnight. All HHP’s eight (8) months of age or older MUST be altered. All claws must be clipped prior to judging.


Clerks are needed. Please contact the entry clerk if you are available. Preference given to TICA licensed ring and master clerks. Do not deduct your clerking fees from your entries. Clerks will be paid $30.00 per day plus lunch.


SHOW RULES: This show is licensed and scored by TICA (The International Cat Association) and is subject to their show rules and breed standards. All exhibitors agree by entering to abide by the decisions of the show management and judges, A copy of all show rules is available from the TICA executive office, PO Box 2684, Harlingen, Texas 78551 or online at http://tica.org/members/publications/shw_rules.pdf. No kittens 3 months of age or younger will be permitted in the showhall. Proof of age and TICA litter registration must be available. Declawed cats are allowed for entry. No vending from your benching area will be allowed. TICA Show rules will be strictly enforced.


LIABILITY: Showcats:Columbus, its individual members, the Holiday Inn, Roberts Centre, Showcats Columbus or TICA will not be held liable for any loss or accident to spectators, exhibitors, cats or personal property.